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Heavy Fabrication

Heavy Fabrication

At Wyke Commercial Services we pride ourselves on having the facilities and experience required to carry out more in depth repairs/heavy fabrications.

We always look after our clients and their vehicles financial and economical best interests before simply taking the easiest or quickest option. Following heavy accidents where vehicles are left in a seemingly unrepairable state, most companies would deem them as a total loss and advise they simply be replaced with new. This, sometimes, is both an uneconomical and also unnecessarily costly solution.

Mercedes Econic & Faun RCV after Heavy Fabrication

Mercedes Econic & Faun RCV after Heavy Fabrication

The above refuse collection vehicle came to us after it was involved in an accident whereby, fully loaded, it ended up on its side causing damage to the cab, and more financially detrimental, severe damage to the body. As a specialist vehicle, it would be an immense cost to completely replace and upon further inspection we decided we could repair. This was by no means an easy task but with our highly experienced team and specialist equipment, the entire repair and refinish was carried out onsite.

Considering our client are a refuse and recycling collection company, it was only right to practice what they preach, vehicle recycled and redelivered back into their fleet not just as good as, but even stronger than new. To find out how Wyke Commercial Services can help to cost-effectively protect and extend the life of your commercial fleet call us now on 0161 775 1634.

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