458 Carbon Roof
Carbon & Matt Black

Carbon & Matt Black

Why settle for ordinary... when you can have extraordinary?

Carbon fibre and matt black wraps instantly transform run of the mill into captivating sleek 'stealth' chic. Understated, yet helplessly alluring, they both naturally command the attention of any audience. No glitter, no gimmicks, just effortlessly extraordinary…


Matt Black & Carbon Fibre Range Rover

matt black detail

Matt Black & Carbon Fibre

As with all our colour change wraps, smaller detailing can be made to stand out by using different colours, effects and finishes. In particular, carbon fibre effect quickly and simplistically creates an exciting and provocatively racy edge. Although, regardless of whether they're applied to just smaller sections or to the entire vehicle it is unanimous among car enthusiasts everywhere and also evident in the massive demand we continually receive for them, matt black and carbon fibre colour change wraps are the ultimate weapons in cosmetic car modifications


Carbon Fibre Detailing Audi TT

wrap6 (1)

Carbon Fibre Detail Focus RS

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